Sunday, May 20, 2007

Backhanded Compliment: Banned from Youtube!

YouTube Broadcast Yourself™
Dear Member:
After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature.
Due to your repeated attempts to upload inappropriate videos, your account has now been permanently disabled and your videos have been taken down. If you feel your account has been disabled in error, please contact us to explain why.
Please refer to our Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines for more information on what video material is not permitted on YouTube.
— The YouTube Team
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Rave Reviews!

"I showed one of your videos to an autistic guy and he almost started crying. Just thought you'd like to know that." --Yatzee Nazi

"Dude, if you post anymore of that sick shit again I will have you shut down! What the hell are you, some kind of degenerate? I have already gotten one of your videos deleted because of that nasty crap you fill it with and 2 more are ready for the chop. and no, i don't believe in freedom of expression, and I am god dam proud of libel law."-- Roadwerx
"Thats some heavy stuff you've got there. It made me feel ill watching that poor guy getting his head sawn off, but then, I dont think I've ever watched someone die. Especially in such a brutal way."-- Dialing Out

"Hardcore, functioning, intelligent degenerates exist"-- Kristen 187

"what the fuck is wrong with you! do u enjoy this kind of shit!"--Shannon (some myspace whore)

"This heaping, hairy mound of FASCIST bile can be found here: and to get the FULL impression of this thing's deranged, humorless obsession with murder, mutilation, and psychopathy-- go here:"--Some humiliated Canadian Communist Crybaby.

"Well he also decided to spread the vestiges of his diseased mind to the forums of YouTube. James is a graduate of G.G. Allin's Ca-Ca, Poo-Poo school of "Aesthetic Terrorism". For a guy who proudly wears his "Goodguy Badges" of the anti-pederasty and anti-drug wing; James seems to have NO problem advocating the HIGHLY ILLEGAL acts of murder, torture, terrorism, eugenics and euthanasia for people and concepts he claims he is against. But all this rhetoric is really just a balm to quench his DESTRUCTIVE impulses..... A compulsive, shit-disturbing vandal of hyperbole and noise that lacks restraint; James, who is a law and order advocate conveniently breaks the rules and consistently violates Terms of Agreement clauses in YouTube AND MYSPACE according to his OWN law. Like a confused rabid-dog that jumps in your backyard and attempts to destroy a lively garden-party, he forgets his place often... And perhaps he is the one who should be euthanized by some of his more level-headed and rational peers (I don't mean "killed" for you literalist right-wingers, I mean weeded-out). ...Some people have unorthodox sexual fetishes; Up to, and including coprophilia, emetophilia and urolangia. Whatever your cup of pee is, some things are not for everybody. But his scatological snuff clips on YouTube were clearly meant to nauseate and--- not much else. I've seen all the footage he randomly wrapped together-- like a butcher of bad meat loaded with salmonella... For those who had the extreme good-fortune of NOT seeing it, James' piece-meal effort was random bits of stock footage (ala Ed Wood) with a turbulent, clanging soundtrack that sounded like it came out of "Eraserhead" (amped-up 10 times louder). In it he had: - A frog eating and insect, snakes slithering around, waves crashing against the shore. These were the only benign images in it. But they were soon interlaced with... - A woman taking a huge shit on the floor. - Genital torture with a rat-trap - Cows being skinned and having their throats slit-- while they're alive. Blood everywhere. - An Arab man with head being hacked-off by Muslim extremists-- WHILE HE WAS ALIVE!! It looked like his head was being hacked-off with a pen-knife. So it was slow and painful. Unlike the Nick Berg execution. there was plenty of spurting blood splashing all over the place. - A shit-smeared woman puking on a guy's dick, and lapping it up. - Another shit-smeared woman getting vaginally fisted.. - A close-up live animal heart beating. ....But there really was NO POINT to any of it other than for James to express his masturbatory NECROPHILE wet-dreams... Perhaps James doesn't masturbate to images of shit, dirt, and violent deaths. But he is definitely is OBSESSED with this subject matter as is any clinical necrophile (read Erich Fromm's "The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" about the NECROPHILIOUS Personality, in which James could be a textbook case-study)."-- Sensitive Socialist Crybaby.